1. I’m in the best shape since my 20’s

    Working with Rick for 2 years with great results. Provides personalized workouts and dietary advice that achieve results. I was typical 74 year old with metabolic syndrome and looking at declining quality of life. Lost weight, built muscle and now in best shape since my 20's. Exercise really is the best medicine and looking forward to many more years of an active and healthy future.…Read More

  2. Rick Is Real and Genuinely Cares!

    I just wanted to give a big thank you to Rick Wells at Gilbert Personal Training for his work with me as a Personal Trainer. Rick and I have been working together for about nine months and he has been a great instructor and friend in helping me work toward my fitness and nutrition goals. He is such a positive and optimistic person who is constantly encouraging and helps to get me on-track when I…Read More

  3. 30 Pounds Gone!

    Rick has been a fellow colleague of mine for over 10 years and recently I hired him to get my health back. He is beyond awesome at his job and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for amazing results. Because of Rick I am healthier, I have more energy and I'm down over 30 lbs in just a few months!…Read More

  4. Rick Was There Every Second of the Way

    I was at the end of my rope. I was hopeless. I had tried everything I knew to do. I had tried multiple diets, paid for multiple trainers and pushed myself to the limits. I went on the Atkins Diet because it was all the rage. My friend lost 20 pounds in the first 2 weeks! Certainly I could do the same. After 4 months of living in ketosis, I gave up without any weight loss. This is when I went to th…Read More

  5. I Lost 180 Pounds

    At the time we started working together I weighed 355 lbs and struggled just to walk from my car into the gym. With his extreme patience, caring and working relentlessly to change my defeated attitude and habits into a positive, winning outlook, I was able to lose 180 pounds and complete a 5k. In my mind, he will always wear a hero's cape because I learned from him how to finally succeed at weight…Read More

  6. Rick is Amazing

    I had a cliff jumping accident that left me with a shattered heal, a steel place and seven screws. My surgeon said I would never run or hike again. Fast forward ten years, and due to a sedentary lifestyle I was more than 40 lbs overweight, taking medicine for high cholestorol and completely unhappy with how I looked and felt. Then I met Rick Wells and began to train with him. He started me on a nu…Read More