It’s easy to say you’re going to lose weight. While your instinct may be to dive headfirst into a fad diet, we know you want lasting results. When you lose the weight, you want it to stay off — not have it all sneak back during the holiday season. The professionals at Gilbert Personal Training provide the accountability, resources, and nutrition necessary to create a lasting change. It doesn’t matter if you need to lose 20 pounds or 200. Our team is here to set you up for success.


They say that abs aren’t made in the gym; instead, they are made in the kitchen. Nutrition is an important part of shedding excess pounds, but so many people have no idea where to start. We are here to help. Work with Gilbert Personal Training to learn the ins and outs of nutrition, balanced meals, and how these factors affect the number on the scale.


Of course, working out is essential for getting rid of excess weight. We believe in customizing a workout regimen that makes sense for your body and interests. If you have an injury, please don’t let this get in the way of reaching your goals. Our team knows exactly how to work around an injury to still achieve the maximum workout.

Reach out now to kick off your weight loss journey with Gilbert Personal Training!

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