1. tailored to fit my goals and modified as needed based on progress

    Training with Rick got me in the best shape ever. I lost about 15 lbs and gained so much strength and muscle under his instruction. His fitness plan was well thought out and tailored to fit my goals and modified as needed based on progress. His facility has excellent equipment for a great workout that suits any fitness level. Rick was great a coaching and pushing me to stick to my plan and give th…Read More

  2. an amazing and inspiring experience

    Working out with Rick has been an amazing and inspiring experience because of his dedication to his clients. He has not only helped me to achieve my goals, but maintain them. I've seen many trainers in my time, Rick is as good as they come; attentive, supportive, and knowledgeable. He is always keeping me on my toes w new exercises and workouts which really helps keep it fresh. I can't say enough …Read More

  3. fun, friendly and professional – a true fitness coach!

    The best decision we made was choosing Rick to guide us through this process to lose weight and start a more healthy lifestyle. He is fun, friendly and professional to work with. Personal training has been the best investment I made for myself, and I recommend Rick to anyone who is looking for a true fitness coach!…Read More

  4. Super motivated

    Rick is an amazing trainer! My husband and I have been super motivated to work toward goals we never thought we could achieve!…Read More

  5. pushes you to do your best!

    Excellent experience!! Coach Rick is patient and lets you go at your own pace but still pushes you to do your best! Absolutely the best decision I ever made!!…Read More

  6. the best decision I’ve ever made!

    10/10 the best decision I’ve ever made! He’s great and I’ve already lost a ton of weight!…Read More

  7. one of the best investments I’ve ever made for myself and family

    We started with Rick nearly 6 months ago and weren’t sure how we’d fare over the 3 months we signed on for. My wife never worked out a day in her life and while I had, definitely found out it wasn’t the most efficient way. It also didn’t accompany the nutritional aspect that we found out was hugely important. Rick helped us out with both of these. The most important thing it gave us was ac…Read More

  8. Tailors your workout to your particular situation

    First met Rick when he was at Orange Theory fitness.. He was the best instructor in the house. I was fortunate enough to score some training sessions with him and glad I did.. He is far better than his peers, he works with you on a personal level and will tailor your work out to your particular situation. Great trainer!!!!!…Read More

  9. Consistency, variety and knowledge

    I have trained with Rick for 10 years and truly appreciate his consistency and variety and knowledge. He adjusts my workout to my needs -whether it be losing weight, training for a big hike or recovering from an injury and always makes for an hour well spent. Whether you are training for something specific or want a long time trainer to keep you strong and flexible and excited about exercise, Rick…Read More

  10. Pushes me in a comfortable and fun way

    I first trained with Rick about 11 years ago then tried a few other trainers closer to home and came back to Rick (I drive 30 minutes to workout with him!) because HE'S THE BEST! I truly appreciate how he teaches proper form and pushes me farther than I'd push myself in a comfortable and fun way.…Read More