Exercise is wonderful for everyone, including expecting mothers. Maintaining an active lifestyle both during and after your pregnancy can help you feel more comfortable and confident and your body changes. However, many women do need to make modifications to their fitness regimens while pregnant, which is why we are here to help. First, talk to your doctor. We want to adhere to any restrictions you may have.

While pregnant, exercise is designed to help you loosen up and prepare for childbirth. We guide you through exercises that relieve stress, get your heart pumping, and stretch your body thoroughly while allowing you to manage weight gain. Many women find their pregnancies (and labor) to be much more manageable when they are fit. For those of you who are already physically active, you will likely be able to continue your current routine. If you are new to working out, you will certainly need a professional on your side to guide you into exercises that are both effective and safe.

After you deliver your baby, we understand the desire to bounce back to optimal physical strength, and we are here to help. Our trainers are prepared to work with you to achieve your fitness goals while still listening to your body as it heals. Bring your little one to the workouts! We’ll see you soon.

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