Whether you’ve decided it’s time to sign up for your first 5k or your first marathon, it’s time to consider hiring a trainer to ensure you’re ready for it. Just like most other sports, your body demands some level of preparedness in order to handle the strain of the run without serious injury. Reach out to Gilbert Personal Training today and tell us about your running goals. We would be happy to help you safely prepare for whatever race you have coming up, whether it’s for a charity 10k or the Boston Marathon.

Proper preparation for a race can take months, so it’s important to get started right away. We use our fitness knowledge and running experience to customize a plan that makes sense for both your current fitness level and your schedule. Without enough time to go on runs on your own, you may not be able to reach your desired outcome in the allotted time. We help you set realistic goals and find ways for them to become a reality.

Get in touch with Gilbert Personal Training today to learn more about our marathon training program, as well as how we can help you reach your running goals. We look forward to watching you hit the pavement with confidence!

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